The Freedom Center Of The Holocaust Essays

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Advocacy Project The world has endured many centuries of injustice and the Freedom center has enlightened us on that. Injustice effects many groups of people, it has no certain race, ethnicity, or gender, and it effects people from all parts of the world. From The Holocaust to the Underground Railroad, and to human trafficking people over the years had to overcome racism, sexism, and genocide. While all these are bad things that have occurred, they are a part of the past and all we can do is to learn from them. Certain countries and officials of the government exercised there gift of freedom in the wrong way, which in turn affected the lives of many. The Freedom Center helped to inspire us to help change the world for the better. To begin, the Freedom Center helped to open on our eyes on what has and is going on in the world. The exhibits were painful to go through, it made us realize the severity of slavery. The Holocaust was the first exhibit we viewed, it is amazing how innocent people were being killed just because of who they were. We listened to videos presented by Holocaust survivors, and it was devastating to hear their stories. They did absolutely nothing wrong, but were still put into camps and torn from their families. Families were split apart and if a person was not physically fit to work they were killed. The people living in the concentration camps lived in disgusting conditions and had hardly any food to eat, and the food they were given eat was worse…

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