The Fourth Amendment : The Second Amendment Essay

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Fourth Amendment
The Fourth Amendment is meant to protect the citizen from unreasonable seizures and searches without a warrant. This includes having their homes, persons, and items in their homes searched by police as well as other officials. Following the Amendment, if a police officer suspects that a citizen has is perpetrating or is taking part in a crime, the office has first to obtain a warrant legally.
The warrant has to be granted by a judge before the offer can enter the property of the suspect as he or she searches for evidence. This amendment has been observed to have both negative and negative impact on law enforcement. For the citizens, it seems to be positive in the sense that it protects their privacy by preventing law enforcement officers from searching through their property arbitrary. On the law enforcement perspective, it tends to be negative in that it offers some of the criminals the chance to destroy or remove the evidence before the police can obtain a warrant (Garrett, 2000).
The Fourth Amendment is also believed to establish one of the most significant protections against the powers of the government. If a police officer searches a citizen or his staff for evidence, the search has to be reasonable, and if the officer has a warrant, then the search has to be specific and he or she needs a probable cause. It writing the amendment could not be more straightforward.
However, in practice, its meaning has been a topic of controversy over the years.…

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