The Forever Changing Significance, But Constant Role Of Art Essay

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The Forever Changing Significance, But Constant Role of Art:
An Analysis of How Art, Specifically 19th Century British Literature,
Creates Windows to New Perspectives In the American society of standardized and quick knowledge, it may be difficult to see the significance of art, especially when it was created in nineteenth century Britain. People want to take the easy way out and resort to finding most of the answers or the meaning of a work on the internet. A reason must exist, though, for requiring literature courses at the high school and university level. The rationale lies in what people can learn from the works today. The purpose of the literature may have been something specific when it was published, but its importance changes over time which creates an avenue for learning. All art, even nineteenth century British literature, provides a view of a different perspective and culture since it is strongly connected to the writer and society. The role of art, specifically literature, is to teach people various perspectives, but also make them analyze their own attitudes, ideals, and society. What literature means and how it is significant depends on many aspects of the work. Jonathan Culler discusses the difficulty of interpretation by stating “meaning is complex and elusive, not something once and for all determined” (65). A work could mean something and be important when it was written for numerous reasons, like its ability to persuade or aesthetic value, but over…

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