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The fire within is a non-fiction children’s book. Written by Chris d’Lacy this quirky book also includes a bit of fantasy and drama. It is set in present time with the main character being a young man about 20 who is a lodger with a small family that consists of Liz, the mother and Lucy, the hyperactive imaginative little seven year old girl. As soon as David (the lodger) enters the home he knows there is something a little weird about this family because no normal family he knows of has clay

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Empathy has evoked David to, throughout the story, help out and become more evolved with these magical creatures and then, essentially believe in the magic in this book.
The portrayal of society in this book very realistic just as it is today. It isn’t fair though, due to people who possess more political power than others. The theme of this book is really questioning whether or not magical creatures do exist and how with an open mind almost and anything can.
In this book the dragons symbolise their owners. Each dragon is made for a specific person so they share some of the same character. The dragons in this book are very much the symbol of inner beauty as they represent the better of each person.
In the back of the book there is a quick snippet about the author where Chris d’Larcy says that he got his inspiration for the book from the squirrels in the library garden in his home (interesting since this story is supposed to be about dragons) Chris gives us a bit of information on how long it took him to write this novel and then wishes us happy reading with a bit of a teaser suggesting a sequel. (Why so secretive!?!)
I liked this book very much because it strongly promotes the importance of family and having those who love and care for you around you. It also promotes the importance of friendship and how wonderful and fun it can be and how two imaginations are better than
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