Essay about The Film ' Mad Men '

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Some believe that the more money a person has, the less satisfaction the person will have in life. When women are involved with successful men, women tend to depend on men more; however, single women earn independence as the single females do not depend on the income of men. The show, Mad Men, takes place in the 1960’s New York, portraying the life of the protagonist, Don Draper (Jon Hamm), the Creative Director of Sterling Cooper Agency, an advertising agency owned by Roger Sterling (John Slattery). Don Draper is praised for his work, but many of the employees in the company, including Draper, are filled with arrogance and disrespect that not only the men face, but that women tolerate. The episode “Shoot” mainly focuses on Don’s wife being part of Mr. Draper’s business deal with Jim Hobart (H. Richard Greene), the CEO of McCann-Erikson Firm. Along with the Creative Director’s business deal, the episode portrays the atmosphere in Sterling Cooper Agency where the men ridicule and disrespect the women to gain satisfaction in degrading the women. Betty symbolizes a married woman who becomes more dependent as her husband becomes more successful. Betty’s expectation to be a dutiful, nurturing mother is displayed in her mother-daughter relationship. This episode’s depiction of working, single women suggests that single women are valued primarily for appearance rather than skill or intellect.
Betty Draper married Don Draper, a wealthy, arrogant, and unfaithful husband,…

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