The Field Of Observing And Understanding Above Ground Systems

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The field of observing and understanding above and below ground systems is a growing study trying to connect the interactions that occur within an ecosystem. This field of study encompasses what Dr. Simards is trying to uncover within the video. Philosophers like Oyama would say that the organisms and the relatively developed environment are always in a transition and are co-constructing with one another to produce variability and stability within the developing system. She says that instead of looking at evolution through a Darwinistic perspective, we should really be zooming in and out because the changes and relations amongst systems are constructed on both big and small processes. The competition amongst species can be identified through various studies, but in reality not all species try to compete with one another, and this idea can over mine the co-existence of these species that live symbiotically. Lingus would say that the movements and intensities of these processes are driven unconsciously, and even if these movements initially had an inherent goals assigned to them, they are fluid movements that continue as a force of inner intensity. Harman would say that these beings have their own genuine reality at many different scales, which is also what Oyama is trying to convey within her studies. Our knowledge of these systems is an interpretation of what we observe, yet when we think that a processes is concluded and understood we are undermining the enormous system to…

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