Essay about The Father Son Relationship By Scott Russell Sanders

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The father-son relationship has flourished from the ancient times of cave fathers who taught their sons how to hunt, to the modern day dads who teach their sons how to play golf. A good father is one who can teach his son how to grow into a mature young man. Some fathers do this in unconditional ways; however, if the father is able to teach his son how to be a man, he has done his job. One writer who dives deep into this father son relationship is Scott Russell Sanders. In his essay “Under The Influence,” he talks about his alcohol obsessed father. The father treated his son terribly because he was often under the influence of alcohol. Although it sounds like an essay in which the father is mean to his son all the time, his terrible actions truly shape his son into a man who was better than his father.

The son in “Under the Influence” by Scott Russell Sanders learns how to become a better man by learning, from watching his father’s actions, what not to do. In the essay, the father is an alcohol who most of the time tries to play it off and act sober in front of his son. He jokes about the prices and sky being up and often embarks with hisson in a game of catch or some other father son activity. But, following most of these activities, the father “drops into his overstuffed chair and falls asleep” (Sanders). He falls asleep because he is passing out from being very drunk throughout the course of the day. Often times, he forgets to put out his cigarette and…

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