Essay on The Fallible Human Being

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The Fallible Human Being Fallible means capable of making errors. A human is prone to making errors and/or mistakes which makes them fallible. Socrates believed this idea of fallible humans, where everyone no matter class or status is capable of making errors. Very often this idea of fallibility got Socrates into trouble with other scholars or “wise men” of his day, because it was not encouraged to question anything that‘s been established as true. Socrates brought a lot of doubt and at the same time encouraged his students and others to think deeper, to question, and to make others aware of their own ignorance. Socrates’ approach was thought to be negative and non-diplomatic which caused him a lot of problem, enemies, and ultimately his death. Nevertheless, his ignorance proved to others he was the wisest of all the noblemen of his time.

The Critic or Gadfly

Socrates was unquestionably a critic and a very wise man. However, after their huge loss to the Spartans and dealing with a corrupt government for sometime, Socrates was often blamed for everything wrong with the Athenian youth and society as a whole. Although Socrates apologized and tried to be in good terms with the Athenian nobles, he was tried and convicted for his role in questioning authority and bringing awareness to the error in their preaching and beliefs. Moreover, Socrates was forced to drink the Hemlock as punishment and died in Athens as a martyr to those who respected and admired what he stood for.…

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