The Faceless Man And The Golden Mongoose Essay

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The Faceless Man and the Golden Mongoose

Author, Junot Diaz, starts off his novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, with the explanation of fukú, a key element in his work. Diaz’s way of symbolization through mystical characters to be very unique. Fukú, to be a form of “bad luck,” tends to “travel” with us throughout the storyline. Further into the story we come to understand the influence fukú has on the development of Diaz’s characters. It shapes the fear and cautious behaviors of the characters, from Belicia’s father’s mistakes to Oscar’s attempt at suicide. Diaz’s characters always have the thought of fukú being the cause of their misfortune while some lead to that conclusion and others necessarily don 't believe in it. The author makes it a priority to get the reader to understand the significance of the symbolic figures in the novel.

The feel of superstition we receive throughout the novel allows the reader to relate and create a personal view of what the characters are initially going through. Lola, Oscar’s sister, describes it as a “witchy feeling.” Most cultures have superstitious beliefs. In my culture women who are expecting a child and are known to be lucid dreamers have a way of telling what gender their child will be. My aunt, a naturally lucid dreamer, predicted the gender for each of my cousins. For every child, she had a dream portraying a scenario that always includes a child. The gender of the child seen was the gender of the child she gave…

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