The Extermination Of American Indians Essay

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The extermination of American Indians has always been a sensitive issue. The massive depopulation of the Indigenous peoples in the Americas after 1492 to the Removal Era (1830-1950’s) seems like a clear-cut case of the genocide. Some believe that the United States’ action towards Indians was deplorable but never genocidal in certain areas. Many believe that California Indians were the victims of genocide from the Anglo Americans and Spanish. Yet, the genocide of Indians east of the Mississippi River has always been a hotly debated situation. Through my analysis of the time period leading up to the Removal Era, I have found that American Indians were subjected to genocide through coerced migration, settler expansion, as well as war and massacre.
According to Rupert and Jeannette Costo, genocide is “the deliberate destruction of national, racial, religious or ethnic groups.” To classify such a broad term of genocide there are many different definitions. Liberal definitions are more focused on outcomes but conservative definitions emphasize the intentional actions and direct killings of a singular group. I argue that genocide should be more emphasized on massacres and forced removals than disease. Whether or not the killing of groups of people is deemed genocide is even debated. The action and policies of the United States of America towards Indians according to my definition: the deliberate destruction of a singular group, most definitely qualifies as genocide.
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