The Extent Of Teacher Training System Essay

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The extent of teacher training in the People 's Republic of China is wide-ranging. Numerically, instructors in China represent the biggest teaching system in the world. In 1998, there were 229 training organizations, at various levels, with 138,745 students doing majors in teaching. Today, this ever-expanding massive training system has barely met the demand for the number of teachers required to sustain the ever growing school system in terms of both quantity and quality. As of 2010, there were 10.6 million teachers in the Chinese school system, of which 5.6 million were primary school teachers, 3.5 million were middle-school instructors and 1.5 million taught high school. Though China has done a lot to upgrade their teacher training systems, there is still a wide range of flawed policies and managerial obstacles that undercut and limit the capacity of the national teacher training system to positively impact the nation in a lasting way (Kuang, 2014). This is a portrait of a typical Chinese class. It is generational and the function of teachers in China is central to the traditional style of the typical Chinese classroom. On the surface, one can get the idea that a teacher is before their class writing on the board and the students are actively paying attention to the instructor 's lesson without flaw. The students are silent and quite obediently recite the teacher 's words like a choir singing in perfect rhythmus tones and remain virtually silent throughout the teacher…

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