Essay about The Exploitation Of The Mill Workers

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upon society caused that exploitation to be overlooked. This lens being the idea that if something was positively affecting the economy, the exploitation it caused was overlooked.
Not only did the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts cause intense resource exploitation, but the exploitation of minorities occurred through the mill employees. The workers at the Lowell mills were the young daughters of New England Farm families. At first glance, it seemed that these girls were living the dream with their own magazine, impressively huge factories and well-maintained boarding houses. Although appearing impressive, the real factory life was a day full of long, tedious, and repetitive work with strict rules. Some strict rules included being fined for arriving late or talking at work. The women 's behavior was not only regulated at the factories, but it was also monitored by a matron while they lived at the boarding houses. In the beginning, despite the fact that the women were paid fair wages the work hours were long and lunch break was only 30 minutes. However, in the 1830’s the exploitation began and the mills changed. The workload was increased and the machinery was sped up. When those changes failed to maintain previous profits, the wage cuts began. New wage cuts, increasing workload and work pace, ignited resistance in the women. From the 1840’s to the 1860’s the biggest change in the Lowell mills was the switch of the workers from American women to Irish immigrants. The…

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