The Executive Office Essay

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The Executive Office is what defines and separates America from the rest of the World. In the newly formed Republic of the People, The President was the man elected by the People and served for the People, to ensure the direction of the Nation was of popular support. The Framers introduced a system with three branches of government— a judicial, a legislative, and an executive— sharing power under checks and balances. The role of the Executive Office in the conduction of foreign relations has incrementally been built, consolidated, and solidified by the personalities, actions, and legacies of the men who became President of America. Presidents, such as George Washington, James Polk, and Teddy Roosevelt, made it their role to defy the initial intentions of Congress and Constitution, and lead US foreign relations by interpreting their powers as Commander-in-Chief to carry out acts of neutrality, domestic expansion, and imperialism on the behalf of the American People. To understand how theses Presidents helped develop and consolidate the power of the Executive Office to conduct foreign relations, the powers to forge foreign policy as granted in the Constitution to Congress and Executive branch must be considered. In 1989 a new Constitution created three branches of central government, providing a framework of their powers. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution bestowed the Congress with the power to regulate and conduct foreign policy. Key enables of Congress, were powers,…

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