The Evolution Of Human Nature Essay

766 Words Nov 21st, 2016 4 Pages
The evolution of man has been the topic of many controversial debates between the scientific and religious communities. There is a significant amount of scientific evidence against the idea of creationism that cannot be ignored. Yet this information doesn’t lead to humans’ origin. This supports the creationists’ argument that god created human beings. While both sides argued on the origin of human beings, the believers in Darwinism contended with scientific evidence while the believers in creationism contended with their indoctrinating beliefs. The lack of evidence on human origin has led to the development of different views surrounding its truth. The earliest scientific evidence of human beings ever existing was first documented on the continent of Africa. According to archeologists, the earliest evidence tying to homo-sapiens today dates back roughly two million years ago to a genus of our species known as Homo habilis. This was the first known species to have used tools. This information provided correlates with Darwin’s Theory but it isn’t a conclusion for the origin of mankind. This leaves people skeptical about the theory of Darwinism and leaves a gap for debate. Darwin himself was even skeptical about his own theory and didn’t mention human evolution when he wrote, On the Origin of Species. Over the centuary, the effort to craft the perfect bullet proof argument for the existence of god has taken many forms. Many modern philosiphers argue against this stating…

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