The Evolution Of Horror Spans Many Centuries Essay

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The evolution of horror spans many centuries. Starting with the Silent Films of Georges Méliès with “ The Haunted Castle” to the newest innovations in horror such as Unfriended. In the late 1800’s something like The Haunted Castle was horrifying, but not at all by today 's standards. Our perception of horror has changed over the years with how our lives have changed drastically. We went from handmade products to factory style production, from horse and buggy to Formula One Racing. Our perceptions of reality have changed and horror has evolved to adapt to our new mindsets.

In the late 1800s technology was starting to speed up, early automobiles and “flying machines” were being produced. Early motion picture devices such as the kinetoscope and the cinematograph were also introduced to the public. This was an exciting time where many new ideas and inventions were being introduced to the world.

The 1896 version of “The Haunted Castle” (Le Manoir Du Diable in french) is said to be the world’s first horror movie. Running about 3 minutes at most, this movie involves two men going into a haunted castle. When inside, the devil 's assistant pokes one of the men in the back causing him to flee. The other stays having many tricks played on him, and eventually the devil himself appears. Witches and other strange things appear in the next minute and eventually the man and the devil are fighting. The man wins by pulling a huge cross on the devil which causes him to flee.

This movie…

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