The Evolution Of Farm Workers Essay

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The Evolution of Farm Workers
Living in the Imperial Valley is such a unique experience. The Imperial Valley was a county that was man made because of its location. Another aspect of this county is that it is a gold mine of agriculture. There are agriculture fields in every corner with the main crop being lettuce. But with a huge amount of produce to cut and pack, we need workers. Farm workers have fought multiple battles and up to this day they continue to fight them. Farm workers started off their journey through a Bracero Program, then came Cesar Chavez and others to help regulate the farm labor employment needs, and finally the United Farm Workers union was established to provide support and fight present day labor violations.
When World War II began, all if not many U.S. male citizens left to war, farmers didn’t have workers to harvest the crops. The United States made an agreement with Mexico that they would allow Mexican citizens to cross over and work in the fields. Mexico was their best choice at the time because, the United States saw how needy the Mexicans were and since the farm workers were not prepared educational wise, they were an easy target for exploitation. The United States created a program uniquely for Mexicans to come work the fields for a temporary time. The Braceros program could be related to a present work visa. A work visa does not let you come back to the United States if you leave from here but it allows you to work in the United States. Over…

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