The Events That Shaped The United States Essay

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There are many events that shaped the United States from 1900-1945. These events resulted in a heavy change in American lives, but also effect the minority and disenfranchised population. The three main events were World War 1, The Great Depression, and World War 2. The First world war lasted from 1914-1918, it was started after Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated. Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, the central powers, fought against the Allied Powers which were Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy and Japan. This was big part of U.S. history because it was the first world war ever and in the United States got involved 1917. The impact of the war left the U.S. more technologically advanced along with entering the wave of steel and electricity. They were leaving behind their rural past and beginning an urban upcoming (1). All the new technology lead to the Great Depression. In October of 1929 the stock market crashed due to stoke prices rising to extreme rates and owners selling their shares. The crash greatly effected the U.S. leaving Americans in a state of depression and lost. Many people lost all the money they owned, others all most as much. People of the U.S. lost their hope they had from all the wealth and advancements prier to the crash. There was a rise in crime rates and homelessness dude to many people getting evicted and having no money. The Great Depression was one of then biggest downfalls in American history (2). The last event during the time of…

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