The Ethics Of Environmental Engineering Essay example

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Environmental Engineering is an interesting field that enables people to explore the scientific methods of preserving nature for the commonwealth of the world. Environmentalists concern, the prevention methods, and what famous naturalists in the past did to create awareness among people are important factors to look for. People knowingly and unknowingly decimate natural resources which in many cases have a devastating effect on our world. Environmental Engineers daily work life starts here with how to prevent the damages using science and engineering.

The environmentalist has a lot of concerns for the world environmental issues that is critical to the human nature and for the entire species in the universe. Even though the concerns are too many, the critical issues that are affecting the world are mass extinction, volcanic eruption, and atmospheric warming. According to Milliken article, most of these problems are causes created by a human being. (Paragraph 2). Mass extinction caused by human beings decimating forests which led to habitual loss and over-fishing which also led to ecosystem collapse. For example, in the article, Milliken talks about a university in Mexico and Stanford that researched on this and determined that historically two vertebrate species out of 10,000 was going extinct every 100 years. The universe was losing two animal species every 100 years, and as per to environmentalist’s conclusion people were not understanding these issues; it was only…

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