The Ethics Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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Ethical Examination
Overall, there is divergence in the opinions of the public, researchers, and politicians in regards to the ethics of embryonic stem cell research and the responsibility of policies in setting restrictions for what is legal and what is funded in this research. As already stated in this paper, the debate does not simple end with a simple explanation. Within the two sides of this debate there are six different ethical positions that are generally recognized. One, all utilization of human embryos for research is wrong (Greely, 2013). Two, surplus in-vitro embryos can be used, but additional ones cannot be made for the purpose of scientific research (Greely, 2013). Three, in-vitro embryos, but not cloned embryos can be made only for the objective of scientific research (De S. Cameron, 2012). Four, cloned embryos, but not in-vitro embryos can be made for the objective of research (De S. Cameron, 2012). Five, certain surplus embryos destroyed before a specific date can be used (De S. Cameron, 2012). Six, only specific surplus embryos made before a specific date can be used (De S. Cameron, 2012). Simply by evaluating these positions it is obvious that there is no clear decision that can be made on whether it is right or wrong to use these cells in research. These six cases, although defined, do not make a case for other ethical dilemmas that should be recognized and impact nursing directly. Lastly, it can be agreed that there needs to be a parameter established…

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