The Ethical Theory Of Ethics Essay example

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Austin Parker
Intro to Ethics, Dr. Rigoni

Ethics plays a huge role in the interaction of human beings on a daily basis. It allows people to choose between right and wrong behaviors in order to create a morally upright society. For this reason, several ethical theories exist to help understand the relationship between people. A majority of well-known philosophers such as Immanuel Kant, Bentham, Stuart Mill, and Gauthier have made great contributions to sociology by theories such as deontology, utilitarianism, and social contact theories. However, the deontological work by Immanuel Kant is the most favored compared to other moral frameworks. Its focus on duties of individuals rather than consequences has my preference. Furthermore, the discussion below explains my view of why deontology performs better that other moral theories.
Concept of Deontology
The term deontology comes from the Greek word Deon, a synonym for duty. Kant takes credit for developing this ethical theory of duty-based ethics dating back to the 18th century. Unlike other ethical theories, deontology thrives on human reason (Hinman, 2013). Human rationality in making moral decisions catalyzes the development of duty based ethics.
Kant says that human beings possess the intelligence and aptitude to make rational decisions than that of an animal. This is why he centered his theory of deontology on the human’s ability to reason. On the contrary, Kant’s deontology doesn’t account for…

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