The Epic Battles In The Battle Of Beowulf

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Beowulf fights numerous creatures of fantasy and each battle revolves around different motives and reasoning. His first battle is what starts it all. His battle versus Grendel, an evil demon who has been tormenting Hrothgar and his village for many years. His next most notable battle is against Grendel’s mother, a nasty demon who attacks the Geats after she catches word of her son’s death. Finally his third and last battle against the toughest creature he meets, a dragon, who pillages a town after noticing some of his precious treasure has been stolen. All of these battles make Beowulf who he is and creates a hero persona for him throughout the land. His first major battle is his fight against Grendel, an evil demon who’s been tormenting the …show more content…
He walks over to Grendel and cuts his head off to replace the current trophy, Grendel’s arm, in Heorot. Beowulf 's warriors await his return at the surface of the marsh in hopes to see him return but are beginning to lose hope. When Beowulf emerges from the marsh his warriors are overjoyed and praise him for his courage. They return to King Hrothgar and he is praised further and awarded for his accomplishment by becoming a king.
His last battle becomes one of his most heroic battles. Beowulf has aged about 50 years and has begun to lose some of his god like strength. He faces a dragon that began terrorizing a village after a boy stole a goblet from his precious collection of treasure. Beowulf, now a king, knows that he has to put an end to this and assembles a team to fight the dragon. Beowulf brings a few good men with him to assist him in fighting the dragon who exceeds over 50 feet in length. This battle is different from the others because he has to use armor to protect himself.
Beowulf fights the dragon with his men but receives a fatal injury. The dragon bites Beowulf in the neck and the poison kills him by the end of the battle. Beowulf defeats the beast but dies in the process. His body is incinerated and then buried overlooking the sea along with all his

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