The Environmental Impact Of Environment Impacts On Humans

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Environment – Impacts on Humans
The concept of environment has been very familiar with the public. Everyone knows what it is; but when asked how important environment is and how to protect it, many people may not have the answer. As the matter of fact, just a small change in the environment can impact humans and the ecosystem seriously. And impacts on the environment derive from many elements including natural factor and human factor.
For the natural factor, everything happens naturally somewhere in the world affect the global environment direct or indirectly. And if the environment is affected negatively, it can cause serious consequences to human beings; and the level of the seriousness can reach to the extremity which is destruction or extinction. One of the most dangerous impacts of nature is natural disasters, which are storms, hurricanes, or tsunamis. These disasters destroy both life and
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We cannot deny that the development of science and industry help to enhance the society. People are more knowledgeable and educational due to this development; also they have a more comfortable life. But everything that comes into life has two sides. And the bad side of industrialization is sometimes neglected. Obviously, industry is always attached with factories that occupy large areas. Hereby, massive natural resources will be exploited to serve the production; this, inevitably, leads to a depletion. Typically, forest is one of the most important natural resource. It helps to balance the ecosystem and provide fresh air. But because of the industrialization, deforestation becomes a target to serve industry. The lack of trees means decreasing the oxygen and increasing carbon emission, and of course, the pollution is following. Eventually, global warming and extinction is the ultimate result of all the impacts ("The Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Our

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