The English Teacher : Mr. Damon West Essay

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As soon as the alarm goes off, people begin to meander to class. Some decide to pick up books at their lockers, while others choose to chat with their friends in the halls. However, junior dual credit students begin to rush to the Mac lab in hopes of not getting a tardy. Many of them make it with a few minutes to spare and then begin talking amongst themselves. The English teacher, Mr. Damon West, arrives soon after the majority of the class arrives. However, one or two students do not make it on time and creates an excuse as to the reason why he or she is late. After discussing that the previous teacher had let him or her out late, Mr. West announces, “All right, you little monsters, find your seats.” Even though it may not sound like it, Mr. West has had an impact on the students he teaches, and his students have impacted him as well. Mr. Damon West has been teaching at Southcrest Christian School for a period of one year. He currently teaches sophomore Bible and English, proctors senior and junior dual credit, journalism, and is the assistant coach of the volleyball team. He previously taught the junior dual credit class when they were sophomores as well. So, the majority of the class enjoys him as a teacher. One girl says, “Unlike most teachers, he’s relatable, and entertaining.” Another girl says, “He is a fun teacher, but he also makes us get our work done. He also makes class fun and makes it easy to learn.” Another female student chimes in and says,…

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