The End Of Slavery : An Ideal Family Structure Essay

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Harriet Jacobs pleads the end of slavery to the northern people through their idea of an ideal family structure. Northerners have a unique idea about relationships, which they share with their English counterparts in that women have a choice about their suitors. This relation between a woman and man results in a proper marriage, allowing separate spheres to exist in which women have a place where children grow up to be respectable citizens. Jacob tries to instill anger in the North by showing black people are more inclined to be like a northerner than any other person in the South but was limited by slavery. The institution of slavery allows a lecherous master to dictate whom a slave may marry, which ruins the institution of marriage. The way it is impossible for a female slave to maintain her virtue in the South in contrast to a woman of the North. The lust of masters toward their female slaves caused many white southern mothers to become paranoid and unhappy. The northern idea of motherhood becomes impossible by the institution of slavery, shown in the event of a mother crying for her sold children.
The manner slavery corrupts the family structure within its society is seen in the case when Linda asks Dr. Flint about buying her freedom and marrying a free black man. The problem that slavery causes is that the status of slavery passes from the mother so their children become the property of their master or mistress. Both the slaves and their masters knew this. The marriages…

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