Essay about The End Of Remembering By Joshua Foer

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What do you do with your thoughts? A long time ago, there was no paper to scribe thoughts onto or computers to record them. There was nothing to do with thoughts, but remember them. Anything worth preserving had to be preserved in memory. In the essay, “The End of Remembering” by Joshua Foer, memory is an important issue. Different tools for remembering are discussed. In the course of time, a series of technologies have been created: the alphabet, scrolls, the printing press, photography, the computer, and the smartphone. Advancements in technology have made it progressively easier to externalize memories. Foer believes there is something great at stake by using technology to store memories instead of the brain. I agree with Feer’s concern. In fact, the article “Examining the Impact of Off-Task Multi-tasking With Technology on Real-Time Classroom Learning” supports this idea. Technology is negatively affecting memory, leading to passivity and dehumanization.
Do you have a good memory? In Foer’s essay, different inventions are used to recall information. For example, early in history, people recited stories. This was the only way to spread knowledge. Memorization was imperative. There was a deep understanding of the information. Except, the brain has a limited capacity. Then civilizations began writing information down. At first, writing was not organized, because there was no proper punctuation and spacing, so it was challenging to decipher. Memorization was still needed,…

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