The End Of Love Is Never Silent Essay example

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A year later at the end of Love is Never Silent, Janice had a retirement party at the factory where she worked since she was seventeen (Love is never silent). She invited all the staffs, friends and family members to come (Love is never silent). With a pastor’s translation, her stand in the middle among the people and had a speech using American Sign Language. The speech was a conclusion of her work journey in the factory. She informed everyone in the party that
“The word silent, for us, is never silent. Please understand we are listening always with our eyes.... Hearing and Deaf must learn together, live together, change together. I can tell you from the Deaf side. Even we can’t hear the rain falling, but we listen from our eyes. Hearing people have their eyes in their ears. Deaf have ears in their eyes and they can see the water falling (Love is never silent 96:30).” She expressed that after years of working she had many important moments in her life. There were times that she felt using Sign Language in the public was a stigma. She wanted the society to become more aware the importance of Deaf and Hearing people to work together to improve the sociality as a whole. Sign language has been existing for a long time in American history until the 1950s (William. 2000). It has been a long time using Sign Language was prohibited from hearing people. Deaf people were used to learn how to read lips in school as “Normal” people (Signing, Alexander Graham Bell and the NAD 2007).…

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