The End Of Food By Lizzie Widdicombe Essay

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The Future of Food as we Know it

In Lizzie Widdicombe’s article “The End of Food”, the idea of living solely off of Soylent constantly presents itself as a possible alternative lifestyle. It is undeniably an appealing one; drinking a liquid meal replacement that has the concentration of the ideal nutrient intake and is both cost and time effective is no doubt a dream come true for many. With other aspirations in mind, this drink could not only help people maintain a healthy diet in spite of their busy lives, but it could also help people who simply cannot afford healthy food because of their living conditions. Although people might oppose the drink as a full meal replacement, there would be more benefits from a Soylent only diet than detriments.
In the article, Widdicombe gives background on Rob Rhinehart creation of Soylent. As a busy man who failed a decent number of start ups, he realized that he was wasting a good amount of money on food that had little to no nutritional value. He decided to do some research and came up with the idea that he could create a smoothie or drink that could provide the ideal amount of nutrients that a person would need to withstand the day, and that it would be much cheaper than the ramen noodles and frozen quesadillas that he was currently spending his money on. Thus, the first recipe of Soylent was created, and it became an internet sensation that allowed him entrepreneur a newly successful business. The fact that this product is relatively…

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