The Emotional Assets Discover Essay

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Various of the emotional assets discover by studies realized by scientifics show that a single-case design with five children vaging form 6 to 8 years old, visual analysis of the data indicated that play therapy was beneficial for three of the participants. “there is growing interest in early interventions for children with autism, yet despite the substantial economic burden, there is little evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of such intervention with which to support resource allocation decisions”(Byford, Sarah, 2013, p,1-3), “If you know one child with autism, you know and interesting person”(Malva Tarasewicz, 2015,) , no matter what disorder the children can have the important is take care of them and see what they need. Helping children with autism is “help families heal… one retreat at a time”(Edgar, J. Christopher, 2015,p.1-4) highly effective programs that enable those undergoing crisis or chronic illness to regain strength, mend spirits and become families and kids again. Finding auditory abnormalities in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) include delayed superior temporal gyrus (STG) auditory oscillatory abnormalities. Few results of an auditory about autism reveal that for some of “mother’s antibody production may contribute to autism”(Liu Yadan, 2015, p273-274) the study prove that the mothers of a few autistic children may have created antibodies against their fetuses, brain issue that crossed the placenta during pregnancy and caused changes that…

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