The Emersonian Scholar Analysis

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The Emersonian Scholar: Understanding Nonconformity, Integrity, and Self-Reliance
We are all victims of conformity, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. We change the way we behave or think in response to social pressures by accepting society’s expectations of us. Human beings naturally want to be functioning parts of society, and others have the power to influence what they believe and how they behave; therefore, the process of becoming an Emersonian scholar is extremely complex. It is impossible to improve society to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s standards with the blink of an eye, but it is possible to start on a small scale and make adjustments to one’s own individual life. By doing this, we can branch away from certain social influences
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In his essay, “The Metropolis and Mental Life,” George Simmel, a German sociologist, philosopher, and critic, discusses the psychological consequences of metropolitan life and the struggle to preserve one’s individuality. This essay is something that I have read in my social science class, and I believe that many of Simmel’s insights are similar to Emerson’s. This essay was originally a part of a series of lectures given by Simmel concerning social metropolitan life in the turn of the 19th …show more content…
These people are coworkers and acquaintances of Ivan Ilych; however, they only start to consider how his death might be in their favor due to the chances of acquiring promotions and more money. Instead of mourning for him, they think to themselves, “’Well, he’s dead but I’m still alive’” (429)! Their selfish attitude leads to thinking that attending his funeral will only be an annoying, tiresome task. We can argue that “The Death of Ivan Ilych” criticizes the large population of people who live self-satisfied, artificial

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