The Emergence Of The Global Economy Essay

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The emergence of the global economy has paved the way for many countries to establish their presence in competing in the global economy. The emergence of developing countries such as Russia, India, China and South Africa has impacted international business and how other industrial countries view the BRICS association.
Each of the BRICS members of the economies has advanced due to industrialization. Each of these countries expanded their efforts in the manufacturing of goods that are provided to other countries around the globe. Moreover, the measurement of economic growth has been seen as being fast paced in comparison to other industrialized countries. The economic growth of each of these countries is measured over a period of time, where the rate of change in the country’s Gross Domestic Product is observed. Additionally, the populations of each of the countries have made the areas regionally aided in in the influence these countries have on international business affairs. The population of these five countries account for forty-two percent of the world population, which is roughly 3 billion people. Additionally, from a economic stand point the BRICS countries contribute to an overall 46 % of the world’s workforce and 19% of the of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. Moreover the “world’s GDP rose by 2.5%during the final quarter of 2012, largely because of the BRICK countries” ( From an alliance prospective bilateral relationships between the countries has…

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