The Effects Of Stress On Children 's Life Essay

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The last point that I want to touch on is that many children struggle with feeling neglected because there’s more people in their house and also in their life. “Stress theory hypothesizes that changes, such as divorce, remarriage, relocation or unemployment redefine family roles” (Gennetian, 2005). Stress is hard for children to understand and know how to handle, I know many adults that still don’t understand how to manage their stress levels. Children are not going to understand what stress is and how to make it go away because most children don’t experience anything that would have a high stress impact. Unless there experiencing all the stress that is going on in their household and how much is changing around them because mom or dad got married to someone else. Children like things that are familiar to them and following a schedule that typically happens when families get into routines. Just like when children go to school they know what’s expected of them so there isn’t any confusion. But when someone that hasn’t lived with you before moves in it changes the dynamic of the structure. “Allocations within the family could be influenced by preference for one’s own biological kin… stepchildren receive fewer resources than children living with both biological parents” (Gennetian, 2005). One of the resources that I can think about is the one on one time with the biological parent because it’s only been the child and biological parents. Then you add another step-parent in the…

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