Family Relationships In The Canadian Culture And Indian Culture

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Everyone has a family relationship whether it’s a sterling or hateful relationship. No matter what culture you’re descendent from, you will have a family relationship although it will be vastly different than any other culture. The Canadian culture is remarkably different than the Indian culture. The Canadian culture is thriving with all kinds of diversity from around the globe and along with the diversity comes different traditions and values on family relationships and most of the time a lot of those values and traditions adapt so they become better suited for the Canadian identity, while the Indian culture remains fairly unchanged and has a unique culture that is unlike no other, but along with that a different perspective on family relationships …show more content…
In the Canadian culture, love marriage is very common and wildly accepted and popular. Love marriages have almost always been a part of the Canadian culture and are the go-to way to creating a family. Love marriages create a closer bond to the spouse and opens up many pathways in which family relationships can strive. “If you love each other you stay together” is a very popular saying and represents my point. In a love marriage, the two lovers are more likely to stay together which will lead them to create a bigger family that will ultimately have a tenacious and durable family relationship. Unlike in Canadian Culture, love marriage is not common and is considered unequal to that of an arranged marriage in the Indian culture. In an arranged marriage the family 's elders choose who the spouse may be and if they’re acceptable. This can lead to varying family relationships because the spouse may not create a loving connection and instead of creating a bond they might grow farther apart leading to a disruption in the family relationship, weakening it even before it started. Also, in the Indian Culture, it is traditional that the married couple conceives a child soon after the marriage in order to carry on the family bloodline and is highly expected from the couple by elders of the family. If the couple does not love each other and has a child to satisfy their elders, a risk of divorce is present. this can negatively affect the child who will probably hate his/her parents from a young age which will create a gap in the family

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