The Effects Of Sports On African Americans Essay examples

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Once upon a time in a struggling age lived African Americans. Facing a difficult life already, talents by them were not recognized. Musically, athletically, and generally them as individuals were looked down upon. They were worthless according to the white race. African Americans as individuals were seen as inferior to whites. Nothing was heard of in the 1920s of an African American being successful, including in professional sports. Baseball back then was a white man 's sport. Yet, when African Americans were successful in the baseball career, coverage of them was not broadcasted, there was an absence of coverage of the baseball players as personalities; hence, there was a self-esteem issue within themselves due to racial policies. In the 1920s, more families were earning larger income. They more often enjoyed participating in family attractions, dining, and socializing with friends in the city . Due to the increased income in the 1920s, and because families had the urgencies to go out with one another, professional sports was just another idea . Of course sports were a known thing previously, but now their popularity expanded. Baseball in the 1920s was one of the most popular sports. White families going out to watch white teams play baseball was a commonly liked activity to do. Yet, watching African Americans in the Negro Leagues were not as popularized. During the 1920s African Americans had it harsh. Many African Americans migrated from the…

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