Essay on The Effects Of Social Roles On Human Behavior

1912 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
This essay will describe Phillip Zimbardo’s conforming to social roles experiment and its contribution to our understanding of human behavior. It will start by talking about how the experiment started and how Phillip Zimbardo chose who became prisoner and who became prison guard it will then go on to discuss how the social roles started and began to change the students morals and ethics when the prisoner was stripped away from their identity and completely controlled and how power took control of the situation it will then lead on to the understanding of human behavior and how this changed the experiment that was supposed to last two weeks end just after six intense days. It will then end with the conclusion as a result of the experiment psychologists learned about how situations affect behavior and the importance of morals and values in psychology when a person behaves in a way they are supposed to rather than using their own judgment.
So do people have control over how they act- or do the roles in which they are placed decide their behavior? Phillip Zimbardo a professor of psychology at Stanford University started a two-week experiment in which he would be set up a prison and cells in the basement of Stanford University. He advertised in a local newspaper for men to apply offering money for each day they took part. After intense interviews and personality test that proved they were fit and mentally strong enough to take part he had narrowed it down to his final…

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