Essay on The Effects Of Social Control On Young Adults

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Young adults are being criminalized in institutions because the social control challenges young men to prove their masculinity by forcing them to accept hyper masculinity. This affect young men because they are forced to comply with authority by embracing their masculinity.
Therefore, Young men dignity are being questioned because they constantly need to prove their innocence. Rios supports his argument by using interviews and observations and official records to describe the interaction of young boys in education and institutins.His interviews describe us that a young age boys are being criminalized .Therefore, his main argument focuses on explaining the consequences of social control on young adults. In the interview that he uses there are examples of racial profiling. For example, Hispanic and black youth are targeted because they are looked as suspicious. Also, there are failures of criminalization because it humiliates an individual because they are looked as an individual that’s matches criminal suspects. I believe that Rios uses strong evidence to help us understand the consequences of social control in youth. First key issue, at a young age boys who are not considered to be white receive negative credentials and are considered to be a threat. Young men are considered to be a threat because authority and institutions believe that they are deviant. Rios suggests, (2011) that “Negative credentials is a form of the crimination of style and…

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