The Effects Of Sexual Assault During The Age Of 18- 71 Essay

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Four hundred and thirteen African American adult women ranging from the age of 18- 71 were the participants of this study. These participants had unwanted sexual encounters since the age of 14. However, little more than half of the participants had a college education and ⅔ of the participants are single mothers or just single in general. Also most identified as hetersexuals, with a few bisexuals and lesbians. The Sexual Experiences Survey was used to assess the severity of sexual assault since the age of 14. In the study the participants had to report their most serious experience if they had experiences more than one assault. There was 74% of African American women who reported they were forced into unwanted sex acts. 35.8% of women was forced because of a man using his position of authority. 64.2% because of threats or force and 42% by being given alcohol or drugs. The women that reported they had unwanted sex also stated 36% of the women reported having sex acts with a guy by objects other than a male private area because of threats or physical force. A researcher wants to determine if being sexually assaulted as an African American has any effect on their mental health, poverty level, and the intake of illicit drugs. In an experiment, one group is another race while another group are all African American women. In this example, the race of the women is the independent variable. Researchers want to discover if using illicit drugs helps with African American Women…

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