The Effects Of Poverty On Children By Brooks, And Duncan Essay

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Conversation Writing In the scholarly article, "The Effects of Poverty on Children" written by Brooks, and Duncan, and these authors mention that poverty has a great impact on children 's health such as physical health low birth weight, growth stunting, and lead poisoning. In this article, Brooks, and Duncan state, “Parents reported that poor children were only two-thirds as likely to be in excellent health and almost twice as likely to be in fair or poor health” (p. 3). In addition, their research shows that point out that serious physical disabilities, grade repetition, and learning disabilities are more prevalent among children who were low birth weight as infants, as are lower levels of intelligence and of math and reading achievement (Brooks, and Duncan, p. 60). In this article, Brooks, and Duncan also mention, “Four to five million poorer children reside in homes with lead levels exceeding the accepted threshold for safety, 22 and more than 1.5 million children under six years of age have elevated blood lead levels” (p. 60). In the same way, in the article, “Housing Crowding Effects on Children’s Well-Being” written by Solari and Mare, they mention that living in the crowded home will affect to children’s health. For example, physical health problems can interrupt children 's daily routines and keep them behind their peers in school and later in the workforce. Similarly, in another scholarly article, “Does Money Affect Children’s Outcomes?” written by Cooper and…

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