The Effects Of Poverty On A Group Of Inner City Essay

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The Effects of Poverty on a group of Inner-city juveniles in a Police Division in West Kingston
Introduction/Background to the study
West Kingston is recognized by many as an inner-city or garrison community plagued with crime and violence derived from youths forming various gangs and indulging in deviant activities. There is consensus in several arenas that these practices and activities are as a result of the great level of poverty that the youths in the community endure. Researchers have viewed this level of poverty as absolute and relative. That is people do not have what they need to maintain themselves physically or otherwise. Haralambos and Holborn (1998) see this type of poverty as a social problem which is undesirable. Researchers and educators opined that when youths are deprived of quality education, it increases the chances that they will not have the skills and opportunities to participate fully in and contribute to the Jamaican society as an adult (Connolly, 1999).
Kingston Western inner-city communities consists of the communities of Tivoli Gardens, Hannah Town, Wilmot “Rema” Gardens, Arnette “Jungle” Gardens, Jones Town, Craig Town, Rose Town and Mathews Lane,which share a particular political socialization. Even though the communities are adjoining each other they share diverse political ideology. These communities are poverty stricken environments; they typify gang violence, deprivation, aggression and hostility, musical legends, sporting…

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