Essay The Effects Of Pop Culture On Society

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Every era is different from the one that follows after, each one creating its own impact on the society. Each and every person have their own perspective on what the 90’s was like; some remember that it was a time where people were fervent about their passions while others had an aversion to all of the change that was occurring around them. The 1990’s was the era that changed the rules and social standings of the minority creating a new way of life. In order to gain insight on the youth of America during the 1990’s one must examine how the different types of pop culture had an effect on their daily lives. Music, movies and advertisements of the 1990’s influenced teens in that it made them at the time realize that they wanted to live by their own rules and form their own types of groups without judgements. The 90’s was the decade that brought about change to the rules of music and to teens all over the nation. Adolescents were utilizing music as an outlet to the hectic and daunting life that they had to live. Bands such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana often wrote about the angst and trials of the teenage life. In the song “Jeremy” written by Eddie Vedder the vocalist elucidates on the actions that the child has experienced through the parents, “Daddy didn’t give attention to the fact…mommy didn’t care…ruled his world” (Vedder, Eddie). The story behind this song is that a young boy was being bullied severely by his classmates and decided to commit suicide in front of the…

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