The Effects of Light Intensity on the Growth Rates of Green Algae

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FREAR AND BURRELL-ASSIMILATION OF HYPONITRITE-NITROGEN tion of pyridine nucleotides by spinach grana and coupled carbon dioxide fixation. Nature 167: 768769. 1951. 29. VISHNIAC, W. and OCHOA, S. Fixation of carbon dioxide coupled to the photochemical reduction of pyridine nucleotides bv chloroplast preparations. Jour. Biol. Chem. 195: 75-93. 1952. 30. ZBINOVSKY. V. and BURRIS. R. H. Metabolism of


infiltrated organic acids by tobacco leaves. Plant Physiol. 27: 240-249. 1952. 31. ZUCKER, M. and NASON, A. A pyridine nucleotidehydroxylamine reductase from Neurospora. Jour. Biol. Chem. 213: 463-478. 1955. 32. ZUCKER, M. and NASON, A. Enzymatic reduction of hydroxylamine to ammonia by reduced pyridine nucleotides. Federation Proc. 13:
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This situation is constant during each of subsequent experiments as long as the technique remains unchanged. Nevertheless, data obtained in different laboratories with different sources, different geometry of illumination, and different culture vessels may not be directly comparable. Second, as the culture grows, mutual shading of the cells reduces the actual amount of light received by a particular cell. It has been assumed that this factor does not influence growth as long as measurements indicate that the culture is in the logarithmic 1 Received October 1, 1957. phase. Frequent transfers to fresh medium are re2 Contribution No. 2839 Maryland Agricultural Exquired to prevent a reduction in growth rate. Deviperiment Station, Scientific Article A 650. 3 This paper is based on research supported by the ations of curves from the exponential may also be due Rockefeller Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. to transition phenomena taking place after transfer of 4 Public Health Service Special Research Fellow of cells from agar slants to liquid media. Therefore more than one transfer to fresh liquid media and a the National Microbiological Institute.



score of cell generations were often required before the lag phase was passe(d andl growth measurements on steady-state suspensions could be started. To measure growth, the

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