The Effects Of Internet On American Culture And Lifestyles Essay

1298 Words Dec 6th, 2014 6 Pages
Throughout the years, continuing positive advances of the Internet have impacted American culture and lifestyles drastically. From advances in the medical field, the way we communicate and how education has changed over the years. There are many advantages and disadvantages having the Internet so prominent in our lives. For most of us the Internet plays a very important role in our lives.
The growth of the Internet has helped the medical field advance enormously. Without the needed technology a lot of people would struggle with their health. In addition, it saves many innocent lives (“Technology Advancements”, n.d. para 6). A big factor in the advancing medical field, is how more lives are being saved. Now there are more noninvasive tests that can be performed. Technology has also enabled doctors to use e-mail, texts, videos, and conference facilities to consult colleagues from all over the world. This practice, known as telemedicine, is especially useful for doctors and patients in rural and under-developed areas (Krueger, 2010, para 12). Before patients would have to go without, now because of telemedicine they can get the proper care plan they need to improve their health. Some negative aspects of the Internet are people think the Internet can diagnose them when they’re sick. This means not only looking up symptoms, but exploring treatments and medicines on the web (para 4). Although self-diagnosing seems to be something we all do, it is important to make sure we seek…

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