The Effects Of Industrialization On Living Conditions Essay

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Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England, many historians and economists, such as David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, Karl Marx and other contemporary thinkers tried to figure out how to improve living standards of the working poor in a capitalist Industrial system. Though there are some disagreements about the effects of Industrialization on living conditions, it is safe to say that the industrial revolution was made possible through the sacrifice, dehumanization and sufferings of the working class. The introduction of machinery into the production process changed the traditional lifestyles of laborers. With the new factory systems, workers became more specialized, and lived by the clock without having the freedom to decide when to rest or go to work. The rise of machinery also changed working relationship. Workers lost the close personal relationship that existed before industrialization, and the means of production became an impersonal process where workers sold their labor power to capitalist. All these turning points strengthened the economic and social inequality that existed in England, thereby leading to the decline in living conditions during the Industrial Era. Living condition were worst when the working class lost direct access to the means of production and were controlled by capitalists. This paper will discuss the elements of Malthusian and Ricardian conception that explains the rise of poverty during the capitalist growth process, and will end…

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