Facebook Subjective Well-Being In Young Adults

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Society has been built and filled with everyday human face-to-face interactions from the beginning of time. Now, virtual communities and social media have completely changed the way we interact with one another, instead of meeting up we chat online and instead of having conversations at a social gathering we look to our phones to connect us with the world. This has caused real in-person interactions to dissipate and be replaced with texting, instant messaging, threads, online chat rooms and video chatting. Thus, society is feeling more alone than ever, creating less meaningful relationships, and is changing how society interacts in real life with each other and their world daily.
Firstly, in Alone Together Turkle exemplifies that the ability
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The article Facebook Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults exemplifies that there is a connection to declining subjective well-being for young adults that are using Facebook. Many social network sites have become a replacement for many young adult’s real communication and relationships. This study found that those Facebook users are having negative side effects due to Facebook 's invaluable way of creating social connections (Kross et al. 2013). People have begun to believe that having conversations over the internet are the same as face to face relationships. They have begun trying to build a network of weak ties to fulfill their need of human interaction and keeping themselves from building strong ties. Kross et al. (2013) explains that she found that Facebook was unable to fulfill the need of human interaction and those who rely on it undermined their own true well-being. The use of social media and virtual communities has created the false idea that true relationships and support can be made online. Many have bought into this idea and believe that they can achieve the equivalent of a real interaction with an online user, but, everyone online is just a modified image of themselves. These platforms such as; Facebook make it appear that connection is easy and simple but these connections are invaluable. The valuable connections are being disregarded because of the creation of these platforms, making many young adults suffer from not having any strong support and degrading their own

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