Essay about The Effects Of Eating Disorder On Eating Disorders

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Development of an eating disorder can cause both mental and physical harm. Any forms of abnormal or interruptions in eating can be considered eating disorders. Overeating, undereating or periods of Eating disorders are commonly experienced among girls in their teenage to early 20’s. Males develop eating disorders as well although it is much less prevalent. Most eating disorders are caused and developed by the same influences. In some cases an eating disorder can follow the patient into their years of adulthood. The severity of the condition will determine the time it takes to recover. Certain abnormal eating habits can require more severe recovery plans than others. Overall all eating disorders have comparable harm. Common eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating are all different yet equally as dangerous.
Each eating disorder has similar causes for their development. The most popular cause for any eating disorder is stress. Stress can be caused by a job or other life components. Family and relationships can also cause stress that results in excess eating or restricted eating. Whether the stress is self-diagnosed or diagnosed by a professional it can begin to cause abnormalities in the eating of a patient. Factors relating to athletics are present among both males and females that are put under pressure by their teammates or a coach to stay in shape. (Eating 3) Other mental disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder or anxiety can…

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