The Effects Of Control On The Environment Essay

1395 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
The majority of humankind has long since moved passed the days of very simple living, where life was nothing more than a collection of tasks that got a person and their family through to see the next day. Now, humans have built massive cities, clear lands and mold them as they see fit, and leave marks of their presence everywhere on the planet. For most, it has become a game of obtaining the most materials for the cheapest, calling their methods under the moral microscope, both for the treatment of the workers involved in obtaining those materials and how they treat the environment that those materials are extracted from. Though there are people who try to fight for the right way to go about things, there is still the overhanging theme of controlling the environment. Whether that control is to make a profit by removing parts of that environment, or trying to boost that environment back into health and overdoing it all, both sides are side trying to control the environment to their end. A lesson can be taken from a story from an ancient world that humans can only imagine with the relics that remain from the time. The play, The Bacchae, holds a lesson that transcends ages, the lesson that humans should never try to hold their hand over nature because it is something that humans will never be able to truly control and that bad things can happen when you tamper with what is not meant to be tampered with. The Bacchae is a play written by Euripides, a greek playwright, whose…

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