The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay

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Plants and animals can grow, survive and reproduce only within a specific range of climates and environments. Earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.5°F over the past century, and scientists predict that it will rise 0.5 to 8.6°F in the next hundred, or so years. Climate change can cause negative effects to the different environments on Earth. It can affect water supplies, agriculture, power and energy, transportation, and even the human race’s health and safety. Phenology is the timing of season activities of animals and plants, and is practically the simplest process to track changes in the ecology of species in response to climate change. Some primary responses of species to recent climate changes are known as “phenological shifts.” Phenological shifts can be described as a change in the timing of growth and breeding of events in the life of an individual organism among a species. For example, the time a bird migrates during its migratory season can be phenologically shifted by adjusting the time a migratory bird begins to migrate, or changing the location of where they spend their migratory season. Another example can be the rate at which a plant ages, or otherwise known as phenophases of the plant, and how they can be either lengthened or shortened in terms of time. As a result of progressive climate change, phenological changes are becoming more apparent in the world. In some cases of phenological shifts, an organism can directly affect their genealogy due to the…

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