The Effects Of Climate Change On Our Environment Essay

1163 Words May 24th, 2015 5 Pages
Hillary Clinton stated the predicament facing the planet both beautifully and bluntly in an interview with ABC News, “Look at climate change; don 't put your head in the sand. Understand that it is going to have profound effects on our resources and so much else.” Mankind is responsible for the undeniable climate change crisis commonly referred to as global warming. Unimpeded, this vicious cycle will continue to wreak havoc on daily life as well as the future. Humankind needs to recognize the detrimental impacts of emissions on the environment. Though unintended, there are adverse effects to the lifestyle one has become accustomed to in the last century. Due to the emission of various gases and other harmful human actions, climate change is negatively impacting human wellness, ecosystems, and temperature. One primary effect of climate change is the frightening correlation to human wellness, specifically daily life and the economy. The warming trend that is associated with climate change could have enormous consequences economically. Eventually, disruptions caused by weather and other factors could lead to lost work and school days, which directly translates to a decrease in trade, transportation, agriculture, and tourism (“Climate Hot Map”). Many localized economies that are dependent upon tourism would be crippled, as air travel delays would slowly cause a decline in vacationing. Power outages and traffic would be more than just headaches; they would equate to…

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