The Effects Of Autism On Children With Autism Essay

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Autism affects many children in the United States, approximately one in sixty-eight children is diagnosed with autism and it is the fastest growing developmental disability. There are many early signs indicating autism in infants and children, the main one is displaying signs of deficits in joint attention skills. Which is the main purpose of the study being analyzed. As stated in the article, researchers have distinguished two forms of joint attention, responses to another person 's bid for joint attention and initiations for joint attention. Also stated is that some studies offer significant support for the hypothesis that joint attention is established and maintained by environmental events and social contingencies, and that contingencies can be manipulated to stimulate joint attention in children with autism; which is the basis for this study. The author of this article Dr. Bridget A. Taylor, has specialized in the treatment and education of children with autism for the past twenty five years. Additionally, Hannah Hoch, works at a Charter School called the New York Center for Autism and is the author of “Rethink Autism”. Both are renown in the constant study of autism and its fight to find ways to reduce the effects autism has on children, and possible reasons why autism is rapidly rising. This research article sought to examine the effects of prompting procedures and social reinforcement contingencies to teach children with autism to engage in three different types of…

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