Essay about The Effects Of Alcohol On Alcohol Abuse Disorder

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Alcohol dependence is a substance related disorder in which an individual is physically or psychologically dependent upon drinking alcohol. There are many reasons for why people develop alcohol abuse disorder and they can be explained through biological, psychological and social approaches to explain this complex disorder. Biological evidence shows us that certain people are more genetically vulnerable to drug abuse according to researchers conducting twin, family, and adoption studies. It is also said that genetic risk factors cut across all mood altering drugs. The role of the environment and the role of genetics is also examined when looking at substance use, abuse, and dependence. Genetic factors may also affect how certain people experience certain drugs and may help in determining whether or not these people will become abusers or not. The Pharmacological treatment for alcohol use disorder is naltrexone, which may be most effective with individuals who have a particular genetic variant in their opioid receptors.
Another approach is through the psychological reasons why people develop alcohol use disorder. It is viewed first through positive reinforcement which shows us that feelings that result from using psychoactive substances is very pleasurable, people continue to take the drugs to recapture the pleasure. Many drugs that are used and abused by humans are also pleasurable to animals. In many experiments lab animals will work to have their bodies injected with drugs…

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