The Effects Of Air Pollution On Children 's Asthma Emergency Room Visits And Hospitalizations ( Fsnarchive )

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increase, so do rates of children’s asthma emergency room visits and hospitalizations (FSNArchive).
Air pollution from cars and agricultural industry are major causes of asthma attacks. The disadvantage of air pollution to human’s health can develop asthma for healthy people if they absorb the worst air quality for a long period of time. Air pollution kills more people in the San Joaquin Valley than the homicide. More than 2,200 people have died prematurely over the past two years because of our dirty air. Furthermore, One out of six children who live in Fresno County has asthma, which is twice the national average, and it is the highest rate in the state (Fresno Metro Ministry). Beside the cause of asthma, air pollution can also harm our bodies in many ways. For instance, air pollution causes a range of short-term respiratory symptoms, including coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath as well as long-term damage to our immune system. According to an article from Santa Barbara County, Air Pollution Control District, the author has stated that air pollution can harm lung development in children, and it also can contribute to early childhood asthma. As an increase in air pollution levels, it is associated with a higher incidence of heart problems such as heart attacks. Especially, air pollutants can cause the risk of developing lung cancer, and it also can cause non-cancer health effects.
Air pollution is one of the major problems that destroy the life of animal…

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